~ Small Bites and Shared Plates ~

  • Sticky Ribs - $12

    Oven braised low and slow, deep fried and tossed in our Asian style sauce
    made with ginger, garlic, orange zest and soy sauce

  • Philly Pretzel and Beer Cheese - $10

    Philly pretzel pieces toasted and tossed with fresh herbs, garlic and
    parmesan cheese, served with white cheddar beer cheese on the side

  • Chicken Tenders - $9.25

    5 Crispy chicken tenders served with side of honey mustard,
    BBQ or your favorite wing sauce

  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip - $10.75

    Homemade and Topped with Melted Mozzarella.
    Served with Fried Philly Pretzels for Dipping

  • Quesadilla - $8

    Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheddar jack cheese, served with
    a side of sour cream, salsa, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes,
    black olives, and jalapeños - 8
    Add Chicken or BBQ Pork +4.50
    Add Strip Steak, Grilled Shrimp or Crab +6.50

  • Buffalo Chicken Fries - $10

    Seasoned curly fries topped with crispy chicken,
    melted cheddar jack cheese and our buffalo blue cheese sauce

  • Boom-Boom Fries - $10

    Crinkle cut fries topped with bacon, mozzarella cheese and
    Boom Boom sauce

  • Twisted Fries - $10

    Seasoned curly fries, bacon, sliced jalapeños, chipotle cream sauce
    and cheddar jack cheese

  • “Old Bay” Fries - $8

    Crinkle-Cut Fries Topped with Old Bay,
    Served with American cheese sauce on the side
    - Add Crab $7

  • Homemade Fried Mozzarella - $10

    Hand-Pulled Mozzarella, Cut into ½ Moon Shapes.
    Lightly Breaded and Fried. Served with a Side of Marinara

  • Cheesesteak Eggrolls- $12

    Hand cut steak and American cheese stuffed in an eggroll,
    served with sriracha ketchup

  • Trash can Nachos - $12

    Our crispy nacho chips piled high and topped with homemade
    queso cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce, black olives,
    and jalapeños, your choice of Taco Meat, Chili, Chicken,
    or BBQ Pulled Pork, all stuffed in a number ten can
    and then revealed at your table

~ Mac n’ Cheese ~

  • Crab - $13

    Cavatappi Pasta Tossed in Our Creamy American & Cheese Sauce with a generous amount of crab meat
    with a Generous Amount of Crab Meat

  • BBQ Pork - $11

    Cavatappi pasta tossed in our creamy American
    & queso cheese sauce and topped with BBQ pulled pork

~ Bailey’s Shrimp ~

  • Shrimp and Crab Dip - $12

    Cheesy Crab and Shrimp Served with
    Your Choice of Toasted Philly Pretzels or Crostini or Chips

  • Sweet and Tangy Shrimp - $12

    Eight lightly battered shrimp tossed in our homemade bang bang sweet chili sauce

  • Cajun Shrimp - $12

    Jumbo Shrimp Sautéed in Our Homemade Cajun Butter

~ Burgers and Sandwiches ~

All burgers and sandwiches come with chips. Add fries $2
Make any burger or sandwich a wrap for no extra charge. Extras cost Extra!

  • Pub Burger - $10.5

    8 oz. Handmade burger topped with your choice of cheese,
    served with lettuce, tomato and onions

  • Black and Blue Bacon Burger - $13.5

    8 oz. Handmade Blackened Burger Topped with Bacon and Melted Blue Cheese

  • The “Clydesdale Burger” - $11.5

    8 oz. Handmade burger topped with horseradish cheddar and frizzled onions

  • Mushroom Swiss Burger - $11.5

    8 oz. Handmade burger topped with grilled portobella mushrooms and Swiss cheese

  • Over The Moon Burger- $14.5

    8 oz. Handmade burger topped with our mozzarella moons, fried cherry peppers, bacon, hot pepper cheese and cherry pepper aioli

  • Breakfast Burger - $13.5

    8 oz. Handmade burger topped with melted American cheese, bacon and a fried egg

  • Grilled Reuben - $10.5

    Fresh corned beef or turkey topped with melted Swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing on grilled rye with your choice of coleslaw or sauerkraut

  • Hot Roast Pork - $10.5

    Thinly sliced pork topped with spinach, roasted red peppers and aged provolone on a garlic toasted Italian roll

  • Chicken Portabella - $11

    Grilled Chicken, Portabella Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers and Melted Mozzarella Cheese on a Toasted Garlic Italian Roll

  • Mac An Bháird - $10.5

    Hand Carved Turkey, Coleslaw, Bacon, 1000 Island Dressing and Swiss Cheese on a Toasted Ciabatta

  • Cheesesteaks - $10.75

    Beef or chicken steak topped with choice of cheese

  • Chris’s Chicken Parm - $10.5

    Chicken cutlet breaded and topped with melted aged provolone and our homemade marinara

  • Bailey's Wrap - $10.5

    Chicken tenders, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing all stuffed in a wrap

  • French Dip - $11

    Thinly Sliced Top Round, Topped with Melted Aged Provolone, on a  Garlic Toasted Sesame Seed Roll, Served With au jus for Dipping

  • Strip Steak Sandwich - $15

    Hand cut 6 oz. Certified Angus New York strip steak topped with a creamy steak sauce and frizzled onions on a garlic toasted roll

  • BBQ Pulled Pork - $10.5

    Our BBQ pork piled high on top of a toasted brioche bun, served with our white cheddar beer cheese and frizzled onions

  • Cajun Chicken Sandwich - $11

    Grilled Chicken Breast Topped with Jalapeños, Pepper Jack Cheese and Chipotle Mayo on a Kaiser bun

~ Bailey’s World Famous Wings ~

Served bone-in, boneless or our Crisis style.
Served with blue cheese and celery.
Extras cost Extra!
Ask your server for up to date pricing.
6 Wings - 12 Wings - 25 Wings - 50 Wings

  • *Sauces*

    Wimpy, Mild, Hot, Turbo, Nuclear, Lethal Injection, Mango and Cilantro, Garlic Hot,
    Sweet and Spicy, Honey BBQ or Garlic Parm

  • Chicken Tenders - $8.25

    (5) Crispy Chicken Tenders Served with a Side of Any of
    Your Favorite Bailey’s Wing Sauces

~ Premium Soups ~

  • Crock of French Onion - $6.50

  • Chili - Cup $4.50 Bowl $6.50

  • Cream of Crab - Cup $5.50 Bowl $9

  • Soup Du Jour - Cup $4.25 Bowl $6.50

~ Salads and Wraps ~

Make Your Salad a Wrap *No Extra Charge* • Add French Fries For $2

  • House Salad - Sm. $5 or Lg. $7.50

    Mixed Greens with Tomatoes, Croutons, Cucumbers and Onions shredded carrots

  • Black and Blue - $14

    Blackened Certified Angus steak, chopped bacon, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, and red onions over fresh mixed greens

  • Buffalo Chicken Salad - $12

    Chopped buffalo chicken tenders served over fresh mixed greens with blue cheese dressing served in a crispy tortilla bow

  • Taco Salad - $12

    Seasoned Ground Beef, Shredded Lettuce, Cheddar Jack Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Black Olives and Jalapeños. Served in a Crispy Tortilla Bowl

  • Pecan Crusted Chicken - $13

    Pecan crusted chicken breast served over fresh mixed greens, pecans, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges and crumbled blue cheese

  • Bailey’s Caesar Salad - $9

    Romaine lettuce tossed with diced tomatoes, bacon and croutons in our homemade dressing with a hard boiled egg

    -Add Grilled Chicken +5

    -Add Strip Steak or Grilled Shrimp +7

~ Dinners ~

All Dinners Come with Soup or Salad. **Premium Soups Add $1.50**

  • Pub Style Fish and Chips - $15

    Served with Fries, Coleslaw cocktail and Tartar Sauce on the Side

  • Strip Steak - $19

    A Hand Cut 12 oz. Certified Angus NY Strip Steak Cooked to Your Liking  and Served with Two Sides

  • Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo - $15

    Pasta tossed in our Alfredo sauce with chicken and broccoli, served with garlic bread

  • Cashew Chicken - $16

    Lightly battered chicken cooked in our signature Asian sauce with broccoli and cashews, served over white rice

~ Kids Meals ~

  • $6 Your Choice. All Kids Meals Come with Soft Drink or Juice and a Chocolate Pudding.

  • Grilled Cheese with Fries

  • (3) Chicken Tenders with Fries and Honey Mustard

  • Kids Pasta Your Choice of Butter or Marinara

  • Kids Mac n’ Cheese

  • Kids Burger (4 oz.) with Fries

  • Kids Corn Dog Nuggets

  • Kids Hot Dog

  • Chris’s Chicken Parm - $15

    Chicken cutlet lightly breaded with secret spices, topped with homemade marinara and melted mozzarella cheese all served over pasta
    with garlic bread

  • Crab Cakes - $19

    Two Homemade Crab Cakes Served with Two Sides,
    Cocktail and Tartar Sauce

  • Cajun Chicken Pasta - $15

    Blackened sliced chicken served over linguini in a creamy cajun Alfredo sauce, served with toasted garlic bread

  • Black Garlic Prime Rib - $22

    10 oz. Cut of slow roasted Certified Angus prime rib, grilled to your liking and finished with a black garlic compound butter

~ Desserts $6 ~

  • Deep Fried Apple Pie Ala Mode

  • Brownie Sundae

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

  • B-Lo Special (New)

    A Crispy Fried Wonton Shell Stuffed with
    Vanilla Ice Cream and drizzled with honey

bailey taco menu 11-9